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The art of sharing information

We enable construction professionals to deliver building information models using open standards

3D is the tip of the
BIM iceberg

When people talk about BIM models it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking about overly complex 3D geometries. Our vision rather focuses on information where BIM objects are fed with rich and well-structured data from inception through to recycling, making big efficiency and accuracy gains along the way. At Kabandy, we specifically develop an IFC (ISO 16739) compliant technology to support this vision.

Our solutions for BIM data management

The creation and update of a BIM model may rapidly become unmanageable because data comes from different people. Our solutions are designed to support BIM managers for interfacing different disciplines without compromising on quality.

  • Quality Assurance

    Audit the quality of the BIM model. Check data integrity (ISO 16739), conformity against building specifications, and the level of information according to the project phase (tender, permit, contract, as-built).

  • Collaborative Modeling

    Deliver shared BIM models in full confidence. Split and merge submodels from proprietary software supporting open standards (IFC2x3, IFC4) using advanced filtering, edition, versioning, and authoring operations.

  • Building Documentation

    Implement company standard templates using common formats (CSV, XML, SQL, XLS, etc.) to automatically enrich building components with technical data from engineering analysis, product manufacturing, energy performance, facility management, etc.